People with a Disability

Any incident which is perceived to be motivated because of a person's disability or perceived disability is classed as "Disability Hate" and should be reported to the Police . This can be committed against a person or property. This would include anyone who is targeted as a result of their physical disability, sensory impairment, learning disability or mental health.
Your Police Community Support Officer
Every area in Torbay has a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). The job of a PCSO is to:
The PCSO will arrange to visit you and have a chat about what they do.You can ask for your PCSO to come and see you again or just to say ‘hello’ when they see you. They will tell you how you can contact them if you are worried or have a problem.
You can talk to them about any bullying or things you are worried about where you live.
To help you make a report to the police you can download a form on this page and take it to your local police station or post it to:
PC 5026 Kevin Mason FT Diversity, Devon and Cornwall Police, Community Safety, 1st Floor Commerce House, 97-101 Abbey Road, Torquay, TQ2 5PJ.

Have you signed up for the Safe Place Scheme?

Safe Place Scheme Logo
As a member of the Safe Place Scheme, you will be given a card which shows your name and the contact details of a person to call in an emergency.
Then, if you’re out in Torbay and are worried about your safety, or you have been the victim of a crime, there are places you can go for help and support.  If a shop or other business features a Safe Place Scheme sticker, any disabled or vulnerable person can enter and hand their card to a member of staff who will use the identified contact details to call for aid.
Many local businesses in Torbay are involved with Safe Place Scheme and have trained their staff to better understand the needs and requirements of disabled members of the community.
Find out more on the Keeping Safe opens in a new window website.

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Dial 999 - the Police, Fire and Ambulance emergency services number

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